12 of The Best Dublin City Wedding Venues

It’s no secret, I’m a massive fan of weddings in the city. I just love the endless options for cool, grungy backdrops and that you can always find new, interesting places to shoot.

I also think some of the best alternative options are the Dublin city wedding venues. So, if you’re looking for something a bit different then this list is for you!

I’ve included venues where you can do everything all in one, some where you can just have your ceremony & also a few places that are just funky restaurants if you’re having a smaller wedding.

I’ve also included pricing information if it was clearly stated on the respective venues websites.

Hopefully this helps a few couples out with the tough task of finding your prefect wedding venue & if you’d like a look at more of my advice blogs then simply click >>here<<. 

1. City Hall

City Hall one of the Best Dublin City Wedding Venues

Location: Dame Street, just at the end of Parliament Street.
Venue Use: For ceremonies + drink receptions.
Pros: Beautiful architecture & full or character. Spacious, bright & airy. Perfectly stylish without additional decor. Beautiful backdrops in/outside for photos.
Cons: None really. The only possible issue for some guests is the lack of parking but this is the same for almost all the venues coming up.
Other Info: You will need to hire your own chairs & caterers.

>>City Hall Website<<

2. Smock Alley


Smock Alley Theatre, a very cool alternative wedding venue

Location: 7 Exchange Street Lower, Temple Bar
Venue Use: For ceremonies + drink receptions + Dinner.
Pros: Smock Alley is a stunning 17th century building. Very spacious and there is large banquet hall & also a more intimate multi-tiered theatre space.
Cons: Parking. As a photographer I find the space quite dark to shoot in & a little challenging as the large stain glass windows means a lot of shots are taken Contre-jour.
Pricing: €2,500 +VAT to rent the space for both your ceremony & reception.
Other Info: Up to 86 guests.

>>Smock Alley Website<<

3. Drury Buildings

Drury Buildings one of the Best Dublin City Wedding Venues

Location: 55 Drury St, Dublin
Venue Use: For ceremonies + drink receptions + Dinner.
Pros: Feels really cool & alternative, with a mix of shabby chic industrial decor. Absolutely delicious food & a very stylish dining room. Excellent central location near to a tonne of great places for photos. Overall It’s a great venue for  small-medium weddings.
Cons: Again in terms of photography, the space can be tough to shoot ceremonies in. Of course you can still get lovely shots but  it’s quite tight & angles are limited.

>>Drury Buildings Website<<

4. The Chocolate Factory

Location: 26 King’s Inns St
Venue Use: For ceremonies + drink receptions + Dinner.
Pros: It’s extremely flipping cool and it is flooded with natural light! There are loads of interesting, industrial features and it’s the perfect canvas for someone excited to style their own wedding space.
Cons:  This venue is right up my street so I can’t see any cons. It just wouldn’t be for couples that want a traditional space.
Other Info: I think this is another venue where you need to be out by 11pm {due to noise restrictions & residential areas nearby}.

>>Chocolate Factory Website<<

5. Fallon & Byrne

Location: Fallon & Byrne, 11-17 Exchequer St, Dublin
Venue Use: For ceremonies + drink receptions + Dinner.
Pros: This is one of my all time favourite Dublin city wedding venues for so many reasons! It’s in a great location to start, the perfect jumping off point for a stroll around the city centre for photos. It’s cool, stylish & the food is excellent!
Cons: If you have your ceremony here you’ll need to go elsewhere for your drinks reception – as the room will need to be turned over. You can turn this into a pro though – a lovely walk through the city with all your guests to get a pint at a cool nearby pub!
Other Info:  The room is lovely but quite white & minimal, it definitely needs enhancing with some additional styling or some gorgeous centrepieces on the tables.

>>Fallon & Byrne Website <<

6. The Dean

Location: 33 Harcourt St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2
Venue Use: For prep, ceremonies + drink receptions + dinner.
Pros: Another very cool & stylish spot. The Dean is a hotel too so you have the added bonus that you can stay over & do your prep in one of their lovely suites. It’s opposite the Iveagh Gardens which is a brilliant, quiet spot for some photos.
Cons: The hotel is of course open to other guest so it doesn’t feel as private as venues you rent out entirely.
>>The Dean Website<<

7. The Fumbally

Location: Fumbally Ln, The Liberties
Venue Use: Dinner.
Pros: The incredible food! The atmosphere & layout of the dining room {the tables are long banquet style tables} makes it feel really cosy & intimate.
Cons: It is a little tight on space.
>>Fumbally Stables Website<<

8. The Stephen’s Green Club

Location: 9 St Stephen’s Green
Venue Use: For prep, ceremonies + drink receptions + Dinner.
Pros: This spot is a nice blend of quirky while still feeling like a nice high-end venue. It’s in a great location & the decor makes for some stylish photo backdrops.
Cons: None comes to mind!
>>Stephen’s Green Club<<

9. The Mayson

Location: 82 N Wall Quay, North Dock
Venue Use: For prep, ceremonies + drink receptions + dinner.
Pros: The Mayson is the newest of the Dublin city wedding venues on my list. I only shot a little covid wedding here so I didn’t get the full experience. I loved what I did see though & can’t wait to shoot more. The building itself is super slick & stylish with loads of exposed brick {I’m a sucker for that!} and it’s in another cool part of the city for interesting, urban photos.
Cons: Yet to find out if there are any!
Other Info: It’s a large hotel so plenty of accommodation for guests.
>>The Mayson Website<<

10. Mulberry Gardens

Location: Mulberry Ln, Dublin
Venue Use: For drink receptions + dinner.
Pros: The Mulberry Garden’s restaurant is perfect for a small wedding dinner. There’s a lovely little courtyard where you can arrive & have an outdoor drinks reception & toast.
Cons: There isn’t a lot immediately nearby for photos but you can get to Herbert Park in no time. It’s also quite low lighting inside, but that’s more a problem for your photographer to deal with.

>>Mulberry Gardens Website<<

11. Green Hen

Location: 33 Exchequer St, Dublin 2
Venue Use: Dinner.
Pros: This is another restaurant that caters for private events/weddings. It’s in a great location & the dining room is really lovely & stylish.
Cons: Based on the set-up when I was there, it isn’t super spacious but that’s not normally an issue outside of these current social distancing times!
>>The Green Hen Website<<

12. The Pig’s Ear

Location: 4 Nassau St
Venue Use:  Dinner.
Pros: Great light & tones for photos & delicious food!
Cons: Also a little tight on space but I kinda think everyone feeling closer together is the point of going with a restaurant instead of a big venue.

>>The Pig’s Ear Website<<

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