Fine-art Folio Wedding Albums – An Heirloom Worth Investing In

I’m more than a bit biased but I think a beautiful printed wedding album is a must!

Personally I’m just a massive fan of seeing photos in print {especially as it’s so easy to forget about & lose digital files} and having something physical that you can flip-through and show to your family & friends for years, & even generations, to come is just really awesome.

Read on to find out more & see loads of gorgeous samples & just drop me a line to get the ball rolling on creating your own family heirloom!


All my albums are designed by myself & printed by the fantastic company Folio.

Folio specialising in making bespoke albums which are handcrafted with the highest quality & eco friendly materials. Their standard & attention to detail are incredible and their expert printers & binders always make sure your photos are showcased at their absolute best.

Images are printers directly on to the page & each double page spread opens out completely
flat with an almost invisible crease so your photographs can be displayed across two pages. The materials & papers are all archival quality. Meaning that with careful handling & correct storage {all of the Folio albums are packaged in a protective cotton bag & presentation box} it will last & look great for a lifetime.


Sizes & Prices

Album Design



Your album is made up of the following components.

The cover which you personalise through your fabric choice, fabric colour choice & then your choice of text or graphics which are available in a range of finishes.

Next is the endpaper, these are the pages at the very start & very end of you album. You can personalise these through colour choice & there’s an option to add a small graphic or text in the bottom right hand side of the front or back endpaper.

Then you have the body of the album, the pages. Each album comes with 30 pages or 15 double page spreads. I’ve included an image below to clarify what this means.


All albums are hand-bound using the finest quality cover materials & inks and you can choose from a broad range of colours & personalisation methods to make you album really unique.

To start you can choose from over 20 different colours for your album’s cover. I offer the following ranges & you can see the corresponding colour swatches below.

Core Fabic

“Fresh pastel and punchy bold shades on rayon-based fabric made with close attention to conserving natural resources.”

Essential Cotton

“This high quality 100% cotton material is available in 9 colours including: Carbon, Denim, Hop, Ketchup, Pebble, Peppermint & Woodland.”


“The natural beauty of silk has been coveted for thousands of years. Our Silk covers are available as an upgrade in a variety of vibrant colours that shimmer under the light.”


Small details mean a lot. For a greater personal touch you can add names, dates bespoke motifs, initials & more.

Techniques for covers include methods such as debossing, modern laser engraving, state of the art printing & also stunning silver & gold foiling.

What is a bespoke motif?

This can be anything - a family crest, an element you’d like to carry over from your invitations or stationery etc.


Using a laser your text or bespoke motif is engraved in to the cover material. The process works by removing the top layer of the material to reveal the natural hues underneath.


Heat is used to transfer metallic foil to your album for an eye catching enhancement

Foil debossing ia available on a limited rage of cover fabrics {as some materials handle the process better than others} ask re suitability.


Also known as blind blocking or stamping, but the same magical process. We use traditional methods to imprint letters into the cover without ink or foil. It’s an elegant, tactile finish.


The latest personalisation technique, but it can achieve either a modern or classic look. We can print directly onto most of our materials in either black or white ink.

The Process

To get the ball rolling on your album design you just need to drop me a line & let me know the following details – the album size you’d like & whether you’d like to select the images to include or if you’d like me to make the selection. 

If you’d like to make the selection then I’ll get you to select your top 100-150 images from your USB. I’ll set you up a Dropbox folder that you can simply drag your images in to. 

I will then do up a first draft of your album design & send you this back to view through a client website. The site is super easy to use & here you can make notes on the draft to request whatever edits & changes you would like. For example swapping images around, adding ones, removing others, changing layouts & sizes etc etc. 

I will then make up a second draft & we can go back & forth until you’re 100% happy with the design. 

Finally then you’ll just need to let me know your choice of album cover fabric/colour, endpaper colour & what personalisations you’d like to include. 

In terms of production time it usually takes a month to get your album design finalised & then a further month for it to be printed & posted out to you. Though please note that wait times may be longer in the height of summer & in the lead up to Christmas. 

Once you get in touch & let me know the album specs & send on your selection it will take me roughly 1-2 weeks to respond with your first draft. 

Then for each additional set of requests I’ll aim to get back to you within a few days. 

When ordering please be sure to let me know if you have a specific deadline in mind & I will let you know if it’s possible to meet it!