My name is Caroline Mc Nally & I’m the mug behind the lens here at Wild Things Wed.

I’m a camera nut, born & based in Dublin, I currently live in Clontarf with my awesome cats/colleagues, Logan & Cal et mon petit ami Tanguy {he's French!}.

I started out as a fine art photography nerd & not to brag {but obvs to brag} I have a 1st class honours BA in photography.

I have now been a full-time wedding photographer since 2015 and I’ve lost count but I’m well over the 200 wedding mark now!

When I'm not photographing , working or talking to cats you'll either find me living my best emo life

{skating on the seafront, drumming to Slipknot, catching some waves out west, binge watching the latest anime & forcing friends to play Settlers of Catan} OR my best old lady life {gardening & working on my veg patch, re-watching David Attenborough shows for the hundredth time & playing chess}. I'm also on two badminton teams & learning French & Spanish {in the hopes of shooting more destination weddings in the future} ... in case you can't tell I'm a bit of a hobby collector ^^,




about my style

A few words that I think sum-up my style are; fun, alternative & creative!

For the most part I take a documentary approach & sneak around unnoticed capturing all the celebrations.

Then for your portraits I like to get in the mix, find some awesome backdrops & perfect patches of light & take some cool as fuck images, the kind you'll want to whack up on your wall & frame!

Ultimately it's all about capturing your personalities in a relaxed, fun & authentic way. I want you to look & feel like an absolute badass!

If you like what you’ve heard so far and get the feeling that I might just be the perfect match for your day then please drop me a line to say hello and get the ball rolling.


Chief Technical Officer.

Additional duties include meowing loudly when I'm on a call, leaving dead animals in the hall and meeting clients when I'm unavailable.


Chief Financial Officer.

Can also be found lying on my keyboard, drinking my tea and and staying on tops of tax returns.

I also have two amazing second shooters on my team...

& those guys are human, not cats!