E&N | Elegant Meets Cool at Boyne Hill House Wedding

Boyne Hill House Wedding


Venue: Boyne Hill House
Wedding dress designer/label: Woná Concept

Bridal boutique/store: Forever Bridal Boutique
Bridal shoes: Lace and Favour

Bridal accessories: One Dame Lane

Groom’s suit: Tangos Dress Hire

Bridesmaids dresses/shoes: Pretty Lavish

Groomsmen suits: Tangos Dress Hire

Flowers: Emma Rose Floristry

Makeup: Ruth Cassidy

Hair: June Murtagh

Wedding Rings: Commins and Co Jewellers

Ceremony music:  One Fine day

Band: The Beat Boutique

Rentals/Decor: Floral Arch (La Luna Floral Studio- Chantal)

Celebrant: Anu Celebrancy, Niamh Callery

Wedding Ceremony

Outside at Boyne House Secret Garden

Could you sum up your wedding in a couple of sentences – how would you describe the look/theme of the day and the overall vibe?

Our wedding was all about the love and good vibes with a night that basically never ended
(we partied until the sun came up). We planned the whole wedding with our guests in mind
because we wanted everyone to let their hair down and have fun. We wanted our day to
reflect us as individuals and as a couple. We didn’t want a very traditional wedding but we
really valued certain aspects of this like writing our own vows, my dad walking me down the
aisle etc. Look/theme: Glam, boujee and badass!
What was important to you about your wedding – what were your priorities from the
very beginning?
So although we didn’t want a church wedding, the ceremony was still the most important
element of the day for us and so the celebrant who officiated the wedding would be a key
factor. We absolutely loved our celebrant, Niamh she was just amazing and she understood
how we wanted our ceremony to flow and she guided us through that. We also wanted our
guests to have the best time EVER and feel looked after by us and the venue. All in all we
just wanted our wedding day to go all night and everyone have a blast, great food and great


What made your venue “the one”?

Honestly from the moment we ventured up the beautiful driveway to the grounds of Boyne
Hill House, we knew. The aesthetic was just perfect, we wanted an outside ceremony if
possible which they offered in the form of the secret garden nestled on the grounds. Honestly
what is not to love about that? However it was mainly how amazing the staff were and their
attention to detail. From our first viewing we were given the most heart-warming welcome
and we were made to feel like we were the only bride and groom to ever exist. The customer
service and attention to detail was second to none with the venue. The team and staff were
wonderful. Accommodation for guests was on the grounds so we knew the party could go all
night. The Manor House is breath taking and the aesthetic inside was beautiful. We also
wanted our wedding day to be held in the one place so ceremony, dinner, dancing etc. all at
the same venue. However we didn’t like the idea of everything happening in the one space,
again Boyne Hill was perfect because you flow from the grounds to the manor house to the
reception area to the courtyard which gives the illusion that you’ve journeyed to different

places without the inconvenience of actually travelling. I also brought my mum to see the
venue and she loved it so done deal.
What inspired your wedding aesthetic?
Our wedding aesthetic changed throughout the wedding journey for sure- a summer wedding
was the one thing we knew we wanted before we made any other decisions. We’re saying
“our” but this was Emma’s baby and she was the one who took charge with this aspect of
things. We originally thought we wanted a festival style wedding but it turned out Emma
couldn’t fully cope with just how laid back this style wedding was. Then we moved towards
the more industrial style and then it manoeuvred into the more colourful retro style aesthetic.
I knew I wanted beautiful floral arrangements too with unusual dried elements and ended up
with most amazing floral bouquet I have ever seen with roses from another world- next level,
thank you Emma Rose Floristry. So fast forward, Niall mentioned that he wanted to wear a
Tux and this solidified the vision in Emma’s head of what she felt their wedding day would
look like. Think a glamourous wedding dress of dreams, sophisticated Tux, champagne tower
with spraying champagne bottles, neon signs, exquisite florals, kitsch details and lots more.
So all in all that’s when it eventually became a much more glam/boujee aesthetic with a
relaxed attitude.


What made the day really special and personal to you? 

For us the most special aspect of the day was having a personalised wedding ceremony, we
spent a lot of time creating our wedding ceremony with our celebrant Niamh (who is just
amazing). We asked our friends and family if they would be part of our ceremony by reading
particular pieces of writing we both loved and asking both our mum’s to carry the rings up
the aisle for us to exchange. We also decided on including the “Love letter and wine box
ceremony” as part of our wedding ceremony. So on our first anniversary we get to unbox the
letters we wrote the night before our wedding and pop some Moet to celebrate. We are both
SO excited to experience those raw feelings and emotions from the night before the wedding
once again- so special. Finally we had our good friends (epic singers and musicians) close our
wedding night with a sing song in Boyne Hill House and everyone sang and danced the night
away with one another and that’s something we’ll never forget.
What was your first dance?
Fleetwood Mac- Everywhere
What was your favourite ceremony reading or piece of music?
Oh we absolutely loved our ceremony music! Emma walked out to “Work Song by Hozier”
which still makes Niall cry.
During the ceremony we also had “Simply the Best by Billianne” that was just beautiful and
fit our wedding day and us so perfectly (still makes Emma cry).
Emma’s favourite reading was “Union” by Robert Fulghum- this reading is the epitome of
our relationship, when we’re on a hike or travelling somewhere we talk about our dreams and
make promises to one another that and truly special and so this really resonated with me.

Night / Dancing

What advice would you give to other couples planning their day?

So one thing myself and Niall tried to do in the lead up to our wedding was make every
moment count. Meaning no matter how big or small the wedding milestone (choosing your
venue, picking up your green book, collecting your wedding bands etc etc) we marked it with
a celebratory drink, a home cooked meal, a special date night because your wedding day is 24
hours and sometimes the lead up is forgotten with the stress of planning and organising. Lock
in your key suppliers ASAP so your photographer, celebrant and band etc- you will not regret
being organised when it comes to this.
Stay true to yourself and don’t be swayed by trends or the opinion of others, this is your day
and you want to be able to look back and think, “Yeah that was absolutely perfect, I wouldn’t
change a thing”.
Finally it’s an obvious one but your wedding day will fly past in the blink of an eye, you
CANNOT prepare yourself for how quickly it goes regardless of being told a million times in
the run up, so SOAK UP EVERY SECOND. Don’t feel guilty for making sure you spend lots
of time with your new hubby/wife on the wedding day-you can get swept up in thinking you
must only ensure your guests are enjoying themselves (there is food, drink and music, believe
me they are fine). Last one and it’s another common one but take those 20mins just you and
your new husband/wife after your ceremony, have a smooch and a giggle and just buzz of the
fact that you are now MARRIED…EXCITING!
Where did you go/are you planning on going on honeymoon? Would you recommend it?
We went to Paris directly after our day two for a mini-moon. We visited Paris years ago so
we wanted to head back there when we were in our little wedding bubble. It was great to just
relax, drink prosecco and have the chats about all the beautiful moments and memories from
the day. You’ll find you both can have two different perspectives from the wedding morning
so it’s fun to hear about both. We are also going to Bali in October and we can’t wait- bucket
list moment. Would totally recommend the mini-moon idea. Not going back to reality straight
away was amazing. People told us so many times in the lead up but, it really is over so
quickly that it’s nice to try and hold on to the wedding buzz as long as possible.