PINK PANIC! Flower Confetti



PINK PANIC! Flower Confetti.

Looking for some gorgeous, real flower confetti for your wedding?

You’ve come to the right place so!

Each bag contains 10 very generous handfuls {you could realistically make it work for 15 guests}. It’s also more than enough to fill a couple flower girl’s baskets or to sprinkle around your table centrepieces or cake table!

The mix may be slightly different each time but the primary colour will be pinks with touches of lavender too.

I’d recommend 2 bags for a small wedding, 3-4 for a medium one & 4-5 bags if you’re having a large wedding & want confetti for every guest.

In terms of distributing your confetti -personally I think it’s easier if you just tip the confetti into a large basket/box & leave a sign for guests with instructions. You can also get individual cones if you’d like to make sure every guest gets a certain amount – this way you can also leave them on people’s chairs.

Another option is to designate several of your bridal party to go around with just the pouches & dish out confetti to guests before the big confetti shot. 

P.S. Not only is the flower confetti biodegradable, the pouch it comes in + the mailer bag is biodegradable too!

***Note: Available in Ireland Only***

***Note: There is a €20 discount if you buy 4 pouches together. Please email directly to avail of this discount,***

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PINK PANIC! Flower Confetti

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