Adventures in Split & Hvar

Just back from an awesome trip to Croatia {Split & Hvar} & I thought it worthy of a little blog post!

We {that is myself & James} started out in Split for 6 days & then on to Hvar for the last 5. In both locations we got lovely little AirBnB places within a 15  minute walk of the old town centres. I also managed to book us apartments at the top of a ludicrous number of steeps steps so we got a hell of a lot of exercise every day!

Unfortunately some of the coolest things we did have no photographic proof as they were water sports and hikes that I was just too lazy or unable to lug my camera on. Ha also zero pictures of the amazing food as I can never summon the willpower to photograph food instead of just attacking it!

Without a doubt the best part of Split was the ‘extreme’ rafting we did on the river Cetina {with Go Adventure}. Extreme might have been a stretch for the title but it was so much fun and there were actually some pretty steep rapids to go down ^^,

Other really nice things to check out would be the Marjan park, which is great for a big ass hike or cycle around. Also the Krka National Park was really beautiful but way, way to jammers for me to enjoy. I’d say you’d want to go at the crack of dawn or outside of June-August to really appreciate places like this & not feel like you’re just going through the motions of a walk with endless other tourists taking selfies.

Oh also for fellow veggie & vegan travellers it’s actually not too bad finding tasty food out. Unfortunately so much of the delicious looking local cuisine is based around fish & grilled meats but every restaurant I went to had a couple options or were super happy to modify dishes. One of my faves was a super chill little Mexican spot called To Je Tako!

So on to Hvar! This was definitely my fave of the two locations. It was much more relaxed and from where we were based it was easier to get to the sea {about 3 mins tops}. We had our pick of fairly empty little alcoves to swim in, a pier in a quiet bay for some diving and two really nice beach bars, Hula-hula {which was a fairly loud party bar} and Falko {much nicer chilled out vibes}.

My fave highlights of Hvar were our sea-kayaking trip out to Pakleni Island and cycling for a day around the east coast of the Island. James & I are pretty mad for our Kayaking so we might have been better off renting Kayaks instead of doing a set tour, it was a really leisure pace and we kinda love to beast it around but hey it was still really great. We learned out lessons for the cycling though and rented instead of joining a tour, this was so so worth it and a really awesome way to take in all the little inland & coastal towns on the North-East side of the island. There was another epic sounding route called ‘The King of the Mountains’ {with some major inclines & climbs} but I’ve had some mean knee injuries the past year so unfortunately we couldn’t take a stab at that one, next time though!

In summary Croatia is the tits & I can’t wait to visit again next year when I have an epic wedding to attend in Dubrovnik !