OFFSET Dublin 2017


Had yet another great year shooting with OFFSET last month {13th -19th February}.

If you haven’t heard of it before OFFSET is a weekend of incredible inspirational & educational talks from professionals from various different creative design industries. So illustrator, graphic designers, photographers, typographers, video makers, animators and all sorts of others in between.
I also got to shoot some of the talks and workshops they ran the lead up to the main event. This was called OFFSITE and took place at the Fumbally Exchange on Dame Lane.

Below I’ve put together a bunch of some of my favourite bits of the week, some inspirational quotes and helpful tidbits I gleaned from the talks. Hopefully something in here will help spark up your creative juices too!


OFFSITE  “If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now”

This was a really funny and incredibly insightfully first talk to shoot. It was done  ‘Pecha Kucha’ style {a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and the presenter talks along to the images} and featured 10 awesome emerging creative talents from Dublin.

I noticed the same bits of advice kept popping up in all the talks. Now it’s not mind blowing advice but it’s the type of thing you can already know and hear time and time again yet still not do it (or at least that’s what I find myself doing >.< ).

Things like that you should be making personal work and creative projects to attract your ideal forms of paid commissioned work. You should tell people that want free or cheap work because it’s ‘great experience’ to go jump off a bridge. Finally one of my favourites was that ‘there no secret’ to being a  >insert creative  job here<  it’s just constant, dedicated practice that you should do day in and day out because you love it.

Links to artists ->

Hugh O ConnorJordan RalphDermot MaloneVanessa PowerRuza LekoGearoid O DeaDigital BeastSean Mongey / Work By PostSarah Flanagan & Jill and Gill.





Annie Atkins Workshop

Annie Atkins is a dope graphic designer for films, best known for her work on the Grand Budapest Hotel. Really cool to get to see just how much insane effort goes in to making props for movie sets.






The Speakers

There were so many awesome speakers and to be honest I had never heard of most of them because I mostly look at other photographers and wouldn’t branch too much in to design, illustration or animation.

Here is a list of some definitely worth checking out


-> Rod Hunt – Illustrator

-> Bruno Maag – Typesetter

-> Jean Paul Goude – Photogrpaher, Designer

-> Nils Leonard – Advertising




-> Kristen Lepore – Animator/Director (check out her showreel >>here<< for some serious eye candy, I tired to embed it but WordPress is giving me serious grief! )

-> Shane Griffin – Designer/Director

->  Gavin Little – Sounds Designer

-> Marion Deuchars – Author/Illustrator



-> The Project Twins – Illustrators

-> The Dots – Creative Network *brilliant site to look for creative job*







-> Nhu Xuan Hua – Photographer

-> Dan Perri – Film Title Designer

-> Eamonn Doyle – Photographer