I recently took down my dedicated commercial portfolio website as it was just getting to be a bit too much maintaining and promoting so many different platforms and sites (4 websites + social media channels = a mess).

Instead I thought I would put together a nice highlights post on some of my best commercial work from over the last couple years and as I have the time I will do up some dedicated pages on each kind of commercial work I shoot {still-life, advertising, events, cut-out, restaurants etc.} .

Here are some of the amazing brands I’ve had the pleasure of working with & hopefully the list just keeps growing! ->

Blank Canvas Cosmetics, Portmarnock Hotel & Golf Links, Collider, Future Analytics, Easons, Hickeys, Lovin’ Dublin, Costume, Seagreen, Funked up Fixies, Fran & Jane, Natasha Sherling, Natalie B. Coleman, Picstash Stock, Blush, Nobo, Havey Norman, Babco Europe Ltd., Raffles Hotel Singapore, Jules Bridal Jewellery, World Class Bartending, Bakers, The Greenery, Facebook 1EMEA, Hendricks Gin, The Dublin Inquirer, JTI, Clerys …


Blank Canvas Cosmetics Master Palette One Mixed berry sorbet shot from overhead on a pink backdrop Easons Monogram scented candles Mikey Finns Cocktails made with Electric Blueberry & Apple with vodka and gin Fitness model claire tracey    Borderlines and winging it eyeliner in the shape of an eye Blank Canvas Cosmetics Ghost Mannequin Photography Cut-out shots for Costume Boutique - Caroline Mc Nally Photography Commercial and ghost product photographer based in Dublin Ireland Lovin Box by loving Dublin featuring Tuna by Coppinger Row   Overhead flat-lay product photography arrangement Portmarnock hotel and golf links afternoon tea in the Seaview restaurant Blank and white company headshots Dublin Ireland Ghost mannequin images for Natalie B Coleman cut-out images on white for e-commerce for fran and JaneCascading image of make-up falling for Blush Cosmetics advertisement Stock photography of a female model in Howth by Caroline Mc Nally photography Model Ballsy Wallsy in festival gear for stock shoot Chef tom Walsh at the Portmarnock hotel restaurant Brightly coloured product photography for NOBO Harvey Norman tom tom and fit bit fitness gadgets Babco Europe Serpents bite and AGWA Diablo bottle shotsFunked up Fixies metallic macro details of spokes, pedals and handle barsMake-up brushes shaped like a Christmas tree for black canvas cosmetics Bakers restaurant Dublin Ireland staff group shotLuggage door porter at Portmarnock Hotel the spa at portmarnock hotel Stock model at Howth head Dublin cliff walk Chelsea drinking a tall latte coffee Coffee spelt out with coffee beans Natasha sherling jewellery product photography cut-out jewellery photography by caroline mc nally commercial studio Jules bridal jewellery Mickey finns scrumptious strawberry drink Blank Canvas Cosmetics dimensions series in Champagne pin, rose gold, gold metallic finish and hot pinkDonut and Battenberg galaxy Homemade blueberry pancakes Mojito line and mint ice-lolly still-life Treat yo' self to Pippa Palette Company headshots for Eason Edition Actor and model headshots by Caroline Mc Nally photography Sunrise at Portmarnock strand Yellow macaroons at Portmarnock hotel afternoon tea Interior and architectural photography by caroline mc Nally dublin based Hotel room photography available in Dublin Ireland Blank canvas Dimension series F39 Cool still-lifes for product advertising DublinEvent photography Hendricks Gin curiosity City assembly house Dublin caroline mc nally event photography for Facebook 1EMEA conference 2016 Whiskey tasting for World Class Bartending Event Hickeys home focus product cut-outs Dublin based commercial photographer available for product cut-outs Mianra Soap Flat and ghost mannequin clothes for e-commerce websites Chef and owner at Pickle restaurant Camden streetCocktail making demo at World Class Bartending Ireland The Back Page & Bodytonic owner with catLifestyle photography of couple playing at the beachActor portfolio headshots Dublin Model eating ice-cream for stock photography Gift guide images for Easons Style Ikon cut-out ghost mannequin photos Monochrome overhead still-life of brown stationery